• David Roberts

Choosing a local company in a national market!

As a independent local business, I am clearly an advocate for buying and using local businesses. And with current national lockdowns and the covid-19 situation, it has become even more important but also making more sense for people to choose local.

Here's why I personally only work in my local area;

* It's reactive work, people need heating and hot water, so if you're boiler fails then you want someone who can respond quickly.

*National companies can be great with their large work force and systems in place, but local companies use local suppliers, spend locally, and are part of the community more than ever.

*For me it's personal, that's personal service, personal guarantees and I want to build a business to last, which can be relied on.

*With technology you are able to get the flashy national quotes, online prices, booking systems and digital reports from a local business, it's not just for the companies with large budgets.

*I personally don't like to travel far, it adds to costs, but also my working day is shorter, keeping me fresh so I can always deliver the best possible service and quality on every job.

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